Codemycompany is an MVP focused product development agency

Hard truth 1 : Most original ideas fail. Hard truth 2 : most startups spend time building features their target customers won't be using. How do we go about this then? Build A Minimum Viable Product(MVP). An MVP is all about the core features your website or app needs to have to fulfil its primary purpose.

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$10,000 to $15,000 to have your MVP up and running


A dedicated team of product consultants, developers & designers for a ideation, design, coding and testing during the MVP phase


We would ensure you can launch in the market and start collecting feedback from customers within 14-16 weeks.


Continuous assistance in testing, development & iterating on customer feedback for the MVP.

After MVP

We start expanding your MVP into a full stack product right away or we will assist you in transitioning to your technical team or any other development company of your choice

You tell us about your project

You can drop us a mail at with a basic description of your idea and the problem you are trying to solve. We love working on original and innovative ideas. We typically tend to avoid projects where the brief is “Exactly like Uber” or “Exactly like Amazon”, as an MVP for such an idea is not needed, given the concept and the market is already proved.

Schedule a call to learn more

We would then schedule a detail hour long call within a day of you reaching out to us. Over here, we would try to delve deeper into the real customer problem that you are trying to solve. We would try to strip down any other features except the basic ones in order for you to get real valuable user feedback.

We come up with a development proposal

The development proposal will be MVP focussed, and basis our call, we shall come up with an estimate for the time & costs for the MVP. The development proposal is crafted in such a way that it gives you the fastest way to go into marketing without spending all your money on a product that might need lots of iterations once you launch and start gaining customer feedback.

We decide on the MVP specs and start building it

We are as invested as you in making your product succeed and resonate with the users. Once we finalize the development proposal, we would come up with the MVP specs, and go ahead with building the product. Working with an MVP will enable you to make decisions based on real data, not speculations. This way, you will have better chances of building a sustainable business

Product Portfolio

Below are some of the amazing ideas we have helped bring to life.


Nimble is a car insurance startup that uses smartphone technology to understand individual driver behavior. Nimble provides car insurance to drivers.

The company has differentiated itself by using individual driver behavior along with other factors which are all tracked through a mobile app to determine the premium customers pay.

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Pragyaam is a product that helps SMBs better organize their data. Teams use Pragyaam to build customized decision-making tools like data collection apps and workflow management solutions embedded with powerful analytics to accomplish their day to day activities and streamline their processes.

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Stanza Living

Stanza Living is a product that helps students find better accommodation near their colleges. Stanza Living aims to re-imagine student living for millions of students migrating in the country, through a hassle-free, tech-enabled and service-led housing experience. Stanza Living recently raised a series A of $10 million

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We built 30 tech products. 15 have shut down. 7 are so-so. 6 are <6 months old. 2 are blockbusters (>$50 million valuations)

I wrote the below post after we launched our 30th product for our client, just to try to make a note to self on whether any early signs gave away how successful the 2 products would go on to become. I then shared it with my team internally first, and since they loved it felt would make sense to share to a wider audience.

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