Explyore is one of the first gps-enabled audio guides that gives your a virtual tour guide experience. Important points of interests are geotagged with engaging content, which autoplays once users reach the location providing them with an engaging handsfree experience


Duva is a platform that provides a platform bringing together the two caregivers of students; Parents & Teachers.Acting as a messenger by bringing real-time updates of the school-happenings at the touch of a button, Duva aims at resolving some persistent problems found in the School-Parent-Teacher community.


Pragyaam is a product that helps SMBs better organize their data. Teams use Pragyaam to build customized decision-making tools like data collection apps and workflow management solutions embedded with powerful analytics to accomplish their day to day activities and streamline their processes.


Skillfull helps in connecting people who need certain skills with others who offer the skills within their locality.


Stratsprint helps private consultants create and manage online courses that is then distributed to students within institutions and employees within organizations. The course content is very industry specific, and in most cases is a push from either the institutions or the organizations to create the content.